Take Advantage of a Unique Opportunity

  • Sponsorship commitments for the Hamlyn Symposium are being sought to underwrite the conference financially and to enable organisers to develop a unique format that delivers international exposure.
  • By committing your support now, your organisation can take advantage of an extended period of exposure during the lead-up to the symposium and beyond. This period will involve sustained promotion of the symposium through a range of channels including marketing activity and publicity opportunities.

Why Support the Hamlyn Symposium?

  • The symposium is a unique forum attended by leading clinical practitioners, scientists and engineers;
  • The symposium addresses current clinical practice of robotic surgery and future, emerging technologies;
  • The symposium provides a showcase of new platform designs and allied technologies for robotic surgery;
  • The symposium focusses on the clinical practice of robotic surgery and its economic and patient care considerations.

Sponsor & Exhibitor's Pack 

  • Sponsorship of the Hamlyn Symposium is available at different levels. Our Sponsor & Exhibitor's Pack provides full details of the sponsorship program, and the privileges and entitlements associated with each of the sponsorship levels.  
  • To request the Sponsor & Exhibitor's Pack, please email: [email protected]